About the Hub


Our Vision

front visionThe overarching goal of the New Mexico FACLN Hub is to create fire adapted communities - communities that acknowledge and take responsibility for their wildfire risk, and take actions to protect residents, homes, neighborhoods, businesses, infrastructure, forests, and open spaces. Specifically our vision is to have

  • home-owners build the concept of defensible space into their decisions,
  • communities integrate wildland fire into land-use planning and infrastructure decisions,
  • civic institutions collaborate to be prepared for wildfire,
  • architects, planners, landscapers, and developers integrate realities of fire risk into their work flow, and
  • Communities support land managers in their efforts to restore fire-adapted ecosystems.

This is a long term goal that will take years of work and numerous partners. A key support to reach this lofty goal is the FACLN. We need new ideas, innovations, and best practices from wherever they emerge in the country and to adapt them to our local environment. By the same token, we feel responsibility to share the lessons we learn to help others become fire adapted.


We need your stories, ideas, successes and failures

Are you currently working on a project? Looking to collaborate on a project?   Have a program that you'd like to share? We would like to learn from and share your stories with the national network, and share information from other hubs around the country with you

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