The following represents the progress made on the "Action Plan Recommendations" listed in the original Santa Fe County Wildfire Protection Plan, completed in 2008 by SWCA Environmental Associates.

Our plan is to move forward with the recommendations not yet implemented as well as implementing new methods and documenting them within this document.  Being interactive, it will expand as we work to accomplish each of our goals.

Santa Fe County Fire - Wildland Division started in 2008 with the hiring of a 3 member fuels crew under a Collaborative Forest Restoration Grant and New Mexico Association of Counties Education and Outreach grant.  Through 2014 we have accomplished:

  • Completed approximately 125 acres of public lands thinning
  • Completed approximately 2200 parcel-level assessments
  • Developed a database and website to collect, store and distribute assessment data
  • Held approximately 75 community educational meetings
  • Created a new way to use a SimTable by overlaying assessment data on it
  • Created technology tools for response and training

Santa Fe County Fire - Wildland Division's use of simple, inexpensive yet effective technology was a large factor in being chosen as a pilot "hub" for the national Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network in 2013. Our methods and techniques are now being shared and utilized by organizations around the county.

Our goals for the coming years are to build upon the successes we've had and add more Fire Adapted Communities principals to our education and outreach, create demonstration projects for both the public and county leaders to view and understand, and continue to work on collaborative public lands thinning projects that have an impact on WUI communities.

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