The Wildland Fire Guide was created in 2010 to aid in wildland fire response.  The book fits in pants/cargo pockets, altho it is bigger (and a bit easier to read) than the IRPG.  It includes tabbed/color-coded sections on:fireguide book2 sm

  • Safety
  • Equipment
  • Initial Attack
  • Radio
  • Structures
  • Aviation
  • Weather
  • Reporting

With County specific explanations and guides for each section.  All District and Regional staff received these books and they are often utilized in simulation trainings.

incident organizerThe Wildland Incident Organizer was created in 2011 and is a custom, County-specific version of a similar document created by NM State Forestry.  It is a documentation aid for wildland events with sections on:

  • Incident Complexity Analysius
  • Unit Log
  • Initial Attack Size-up
  • Spot Weather Observations and Forecast
  • Standards for Flagging
  • Fire Weather Observation Log
  • LCES Reminder
  • Resource Documentation
  • Radio Frequency List
  • Risk Management Guide
  • After Action Review Guide
  • Incident Objectives
  • Structural Watch-outs

Utilizing this tool has made a positive difference for districts in simulation training and completing State Forestry reimbursements, with reportsd getting done on time and with less information missing.

Other tools we came up with were computerized versions of paper forms such as the Pack Test release form, which takes each participant's information, photo and allows them to sign the form on an ipad.  The NM State Forestry Fire Reports can now be done on the ipad as well right on scene.  Information can be stored, photos taken and the report can then be immediately emailed to State Forestry in a format that duplicates their paper form.

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