As a partner in the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, santa Fe County is adapting to and learning of more ways to prepare communities for an eventual wildfire event and the hazards that come afterward, such as flooding, erosion and mud slides.  We are developing brochure material and including plans for post fire preparation in each community's fire plans. 

afterwildfireA guide put out by USFS and NMSF will help aid communities in preparing for post fire problems.

This guide (available online at: will be utilized by Santa Fe County Fire in ongoing wildland outreach and education efforts.

Post fire debris poses a significant risk to Santa FeCounty's tourism and recreational industries as well as infrastructure.  

Data modeling provided by The Nature Conservancy shows just how much of a threat it is and why it is so important to prepare for this inevitable event. (View maps in Appendix and Maps).

We will also direct efforts at creating/updating an Emergency Operations Plan (consistent with FEMA requirements) in order to take advantage of not only pre-hazard mitigation funding, but also to become eligible for post fire rehabilitation funds that may be made available in the event of a catastrophic fire.

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